Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In Memoriam to an Artist's Artist.

Cy Twombly died today.
He was a Seer and a Prophet. He was an artist's artist. Early on, when all the critics didn't know what to do with his work...when they could not pin down where he could be pinned down, they dismissed him.
He was a life long friend of my parents and even shared a studio with them in the late 1950's on Via Margutta. He eventually got the studio after it was abandoned by them. He used it well. In Italy Twombly got the freedom he needed to create the art that impacted with the force of a tornado, contemporary art. He made art from places some artists never even get remotely close to...but most importantly,Twombly made art from his soul. So with that in mind, he will never leave us. He is still very much here.

The Italians, 1961

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